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About me? Oh well, here we go…

Sunit Nandi

I am Sunit Kumar Nandi, affectionately called Khoka, Biltu and Nandu by loved ones. Nevertheless, Sunit is still my most popular name. I am the only child of Sukumar Nandi (dad) and Nilima Nandi (mum) and live with them in IIT Guwahati quarters. My dad is a Professor here, who basically teaches and conducts research on Computer Science and Engineering. Mum is a home-maker and manages every aspect of the home and sometimes assists me my activities. I’m grateful to my parents for bringing me up and I am what I am because of them.

I was born in Kharagpur, West Bengal, India on 6 May 1994. But my parents moved in to Guwahati when I was just a year old. So I grew up in Guwahati, and so far, I’m doing my education here.

I attended Kindergarten at Maria Montessori School near Zoo Road, Guwahati. Later I joined Faculty Higher Secondary School, North Guwahati and completed my entire school life there, passing out in March 2012. But, I was Singapore for one year (2002-2003), studying in Chatsworth International School, Orchard Rd.

Right now, I have joined Assam Engineering College and pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Engineering in Computer Science.

I am a fun loving guy, and I get bored easily when I have nothing interesting to do. I love science and technology. I am crazy about computers, networks and electronics and like to experiment a lot with them. I love doing web design and occasionally code scripts and apps as well.

I also love reading, especially intellectually challenging novels, comics and science journals.

I also like writing stories, essays and articles. I’m fond of blogging. But I am not so adept at writing poems (though I try).

I collect coins and stamps, and have quite a good collection of them from various nations and generations.

Photography and videography are also hobbies that I pursue and I usually upload my creations to our photo gallery and YouTube channel.

I love gardening. Also, I find it fun watering the plants in our garden.

Nature’s wonders never fail to make me happy. That includes lush green landscapes, colourful flowers, waterfalls, beaches, the sky and pretty women.

And hence I worship nature.

When it comes to languages, I know English, Hindi, Bengali, Assamese, Sanskrit and the street lingo which my friends speak.

I wish to dedicate my life to research and develop products and methods that benefit humankind. I’ve always considered it to be my biggest dream and I’m putting in my utmost effort in achieving it.

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