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  1. Summer holidays: projects, Kolkata visit and shopping

    July 27, 2014 by Sunit Nandi

    So friends, I’m back again with a new post. It has been quite a while since I wrote on my blog. In this post I’ll be describing how I spent my summer vacation. So here it goes.

    My 4th semester exams got over and what followed was a summer break. I was finally free to do whatever I liked to and wanted to. The first thing me and my parents did was offer a special puja for my dad at the Navagraha temple. It was a really long process that lasted for two hours. On another day, we went out for shopping to the city and had our lunch at Chinatown. The most surprising part about this is that, I met Loya ma’am (Mrs. Loya Agarwala, a student counselor serving various institutions) there. I had a long chat with her. My friends from Faculty H S School would be very happy to know about this.

    In the meanwhile, I joined two projects at IIT Guwahati. The first one is related to speech processing while the second is a student tracking system based on RFID tags and ZigBee PAN backend. Both are still underway, even though my holidays are over now. The speech processing project required me to get my BeagleBone Black ready with Archlinux ARM, ALSA, XFCE desktop and Linphone to act as a IP-phone. I’m using an audio cape extension on the BBB get audio-in and audio-out to it. Hopefully, things should be getting into shape soon. Here are a few photos I shot while setting it up:

    IMG_20140620_121209 IMG_20140620_122226 IMG_20140620_122239 IMG_20140620_123252

    I’ll be writing several articles on the BeagleBone Black on Techno FAQ as soon as I get some free time.

    The other project is still on paper and will take much longer to get a physical implementation.

    I spent the first two weeks with parents in Kolkata. We were there for some family errands. But during this time, I had the opportunity to visit the Birla Planetarium and also do some shopping.


    Also, behold the other random photos.

    IMG_20140701_165330 IMG_20140701_165337 IMG_20140701_171754 IMG_20140702_111050 IMG_20140702_111120_1 IMG_20140703_144328 IMG_20140703_144405 IMG_20140703_175611 IMG_20140703_175756 IMG_20140703_180037 IMG_20140704_103941  IMG_20140701_165502

    Some pictures of our new flat at New Town, Rajarhat:

    IMG_20140704_182429 IMG_20140704_182924 IMG_20140704_184331

    I spent 3 days at Digha, my hometown, and so was able to see the ulta (reverse) – Rathyatra. Here are some pics.

    IMG_20140707_212135 IMG_20140707_212250_1 IMG_20140707_212401 IMG_20140707_212505 IMG_20140707_212644 IMG_20140707_212703 IMG_20140707_212752 IMG_20140707_212825 IMG_20140707_212913 IMG_20140707_212204 IMG_20140707_212233 IMG_20140707_212332 IMG_20140707_212430

    After returning back to Guwahati, I finally had my new workstation ready (a custom-built HP Z420), which I’ll be using for video editing, graphics, app and OS development and gaming.

    IMG_20140612_124924 IMG_20140612_195237 IMG_20140710_155716

    The specs are:

    • 8-core Intel Xeon E5 @ 3.6 Ghz
    • 4×8 GB DDR3 ECC 1600 MHz RAM
    • AMD FirePro W7000 GPU (4x DisplayPort interfaces)
    • Intel C602 chipset
    • 1 TB 7200 RPM Toshiba HDD
    • 4x USB 3.0 ports, 4x USB 2.0 ports
    • FireWire port
    • 1 Gbps gigabit ethernet port
    • DVD-RAM / DVD+-RW drive
    • HP EliteDisplay E221
    • HP USB keyboard and mouse

    I got my workstation ready with Windows 8.1 Pro and Manjaro Linux. Right now, I’m looking for a good secondary HDD on which I can try out Hackintosh.

    With all this, the holidays came to an end. The 5th semester has started and classes have begun with full steam.

    Right now I’m playing around with PC-BSD. It is kind of hipster approach to learning Unix.


    I’ll be writing again soon with more stuff on my blog and interesting articles on Techno FAQ. Please stay tuned.

    Take care.

  2. Meeting Michael Fincke

    September 15, 2009 by Sunit Nandi

    So, last Monday, I met Michael Fincke. He had come to Guwahati for a seminar on his last space mission. About 100+ schools had come to attend the programme with over 1000+ students. Each school was allowed to ask one question to Michael Fincke and he could answer each and every question wonderfully. Also, our school too got a chance to have a photo session with him and I am expecting the photos soon.

    Life gives you a chance to fulfil your dreams. But it sometimes fulfils such chances that are beyond our dreams.

    I think this is what happened to me! Hehe!

  3. In Delhi

    October 22, 2007 by Sunit Nandi

    Hi everybody,
    We are now in Delhi. We had come here to enjoy our Autumn Break. We visited a lot of places. By day-after-tomorrow, I will notify everybody of the places that I visited.

  4. Visit to my hometown

    April 18, 2007 by Sunit Nandi

    On the 6th of April, I along with my mother went to my hometown. My father went alone to Chennai and Bhubaneswar and therefore could not join us. We went by air and reached Netaji Subhas Chandra Airport in Kolkata. My grandma, uncle and my cousin came to pick me up. We all hired a taxi and went to our hometown which is 168 kms away from Kolkata. We reached our hometown after about 4 hours. We got out of the taxi, paid our fare and went into our house we stayed there and visited many places. I took a good number of snapshots of my uncle, grandma, grandpa, cousins and friends. After staying there till 11th, we boarded a bus for Kolkata and stayed there for three days in my cousin’s home. My cousin has a son who is 1-and-half year old. On 15th, my father came to Kolkata and on 16th we enjoyed ourselves very much in Nicco Park. On the next day, we took a train back to Guwahati named Saraighat Express. We reached Guwahati the next day at 9:30 am And reached home at 10:15 am. In this way our journey came to an end.

  5. Visit to Guwahati City

    March 25, 2007 by Sunit Nandi

    Today, I got up at 6 am and realized I had to go for a city tour arranged my father so that my grandma could see some sites of the city. We hired a chaffeur to drive our car and went first to the Kamakhya Temple. We were shocked to know that today was Saptami Puja and people had crowded around the temple to have a Darshan inside the temple. My father, seeing so much people, went to the counter and bought a premium ticket of Rs. 101 to enter the temple directly with having to go through the crowd. But to our disappointment, we found that a couple of other people doing the same thing, and in minutes, the premium direct ticket line also filled up with the "devotees". So we all had to queue up in a line and reached the interior of the temple. While we were in the queue, a pigeon accompanied us. I picked up the pigeon but instead of it getting frightened, it perched itself on my hand with ease. When our turn came, I let it fly and entered the temple compound. We had our Darshan and got out. It all took five hours!
    Later we had our lunch at Paradise.
    After that we went to Satsong Vihar and Balaji Temple to relax ourselves. After that we returned home at 7 pm.