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The services I offer are:


You can contact me at [email protected] or by filling up this little form. Do tell me what’s on your mind and what projects you are working on.

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Server setup, customization and optimization

So you have bought yourself a virtual private server (VPS) or a dedicated server and don’t know how to deploy it? Or simply don’t have the time? Don’t worry, I can assist you in setting it up. I have 6 years of experience in administering workstations and servers. I’m also very familiar with Linux and BSD. So whether you are deploying a LAMP (webhosting) stack, a file server, a proxy, a game server or anything you can imagine, I can assist you. Being very fluent in command-line and editing configuration files by hand, I do not need a fancy administration panel to manage your server. A simple SSH (secure shell) access is enough for me to start your dream projects from scratch. Also, I can help you find and  secure your server from possible vulnerabilities.
OSes: Debian, Ubuntu, Archlinux and CentOS
Webservers: Apache and Nginx
Proxies: Squid and Nginx
Databases: MySQL, MariaDB and PostGRESQL


Website and content management setup and optimization

So you have a web hosting setup ready? Unsure what to do next? I can help you build a website. Aiming for something dynamic? I can setup blogs, forums,  photo galleries, social networks, etc. Have something uncommon? Don’t hesitate to ask. I can help you choose the right plugins for your CMSes and even modify them if needs be. Plus, I can help you in troubleshooting, optimising and securing your CMS installations. SEO issues? I can sort those. Setting up a CDN to speed up your site? I can do it too.
Blogs: WordPress, Moveable Type
Website builders: Drupal, WebsiteBaker, Monstra, WolfCMS
Wikis: DokuWiki, MediaWiki
Forums: Vanilla, MyBB, bbPress
Galleries: Gallery3, ZenPhoto
Social networks:  BuddyPress, Elgg


Hosting provider consultation and migration

Unsure about which provider to host with? Or you are unhappy with your current host and wish to switch? I’ve got your back covered. I’ll analyse your content or the applications you run and recommend a reliable host that best suits your needs. In case you decide to switch, I can migrate your files, databases and configurations and save you the hassle.


Anything else?

If you want assistance for something that doesn’t match with the services mentioned above, please don’t be skeptical. I’ll be happy if you send me a request. More often than not I’ll be able to handle it. Also, I’m always open towards learning and experiencing something new, so I’ll be more than happy to assist you.


Some guidelines

Though I am ready to assist anyone, I do have some reservations:

  • I will not work on projects that involve disruptive activity like spamming, takedowns, defacements or deliberate harm to any individual.
  • I’ll not be able to assist you if you are paranoid about giving me responsibility of your data.
  • I will not perform data entry jobs, referrals and indiscriminate advertising.


So that’s pretty much it. I hope we’ll have a nice time working together.

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