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  1. After a long pause

    August 1, 2010 by Sunit Nandi

    So guys, I was away for a very long time because I did not get time to do most of my activities on the web. My holidays started at the beginning of this month, but preparations for exams at Brilliant Tutorials took up half of the month. Then the rest half of the month was used up by catching up with Brilliant syllabus. The exams results were not good. So the entire holidays appear to be wasted up to nothing. No travelling, no shopping, blah blah blah…..

    Just a week is left for the school to start. Hopefully, something nice may come up. I have completed building the family website and also put a new and simple theme on my blog which looks great with my verbose typing.

    At this moment I am eagerly trying to get my HTC Tattoo to get access to the web, without any appreciated results. Just hope that it will be fine in a couple of days. I have tried transparent proxies but they are hard to set up and I am at it.

    I also wanted to set up a networking site for my school friends, but my partner in this venture is not responding to my requests and his phone isn’t working as well.

    All in all, everything is in a mess. Just hope that everything will be fine soon.

    Ok time to go. Will write again.

  2. Updating the eco-enviro site

    October 14, 2008 by Sunit Nandi

    I have been recently updating the eco-enviro site. Testing a few features. Working fine. Will make it working when school starts!

  3. My school is reopening day-after-tomorrow

    August 2, 2008 by Sunit Nandi

    Well, my holidays are almost over and school is about to reopen on 4 August 2008. I am feeling very sad as I could not go anywhere on a holiday. :-( I am feeling bored. I hope everything will be ironed out by the time school starts. I have completed all my holiday homeworks and projects. Hopefully, everybody will like them.

    Next update when school will re-open….

  4. My school has started again!!

    August 5, 2007 by Sunit Nandi

    My holidays are over and school has started again. On the last day of my holiday I watched the famous Bengali film of Satyajit Ray, Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne!! If you wish to see it just click here. The first part of the movie is attached to this blog!