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  1. Visit to Guwahati City

    March 25, 2007 by Sunit Nandi

    Today, I got up at 6 am and realized I had to go for a city tour arranged my father so that my grandma could see some sites of the city. We hired a chaffeur to drive our car and went first to the Kamakhya Temple. We were shocked to know that today was Saptami Puja and people had crowded around the temple to have a Darshan inside the temple. My father, seeing so much people, went to the counter and bought a premium ticket of Rs. 101 to enter the temple directly with having to go through the crowd. But to our disappointment, we found that a couple of other people doing the same thing, and in minutes, the premium direct ticket line also filled up with the "devotees". So we all had to queue up in a line and reached the interior of the temple. While we were in the queue, a pigeon accompanied us. I picked up the pigeon but instead of it getting frightened, it perched itself on my hand with ease. When our turn came, I let it fly and entered the temple compound. We had our Darshan and got out. It all took five hours!
    Later we had our lunch at Paradise.
    After that we went to Satsong Vihar and Balaji Temple to relax ourselves. After that we returned home at 7 pm.