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Why I am not on Twitter

30 August, 2009 by Sunit Nandi

Many of my friends have requested my several times to join Twitter. But I have refused every time, because I have no plans to join Twitter.

Well, why do we all need Twitter for? To broadcast our activity updates to the world? To catch up with celebs? To comment to nonsensical stuff? Well, I am surely into none of such business.

Also, I can do most such stuff of Facebook and on this blog. Facebook allows me to update my status just like Twitter does and my blog allows me to talk with the rest of the world. I can do pretty much of the things here as I would have done on Twitter. Also many celebrities do have their personal blogs here and there.

So please do not force me to join any new social networking site or Twitter because I am pretty satisfied. Also, I do not want to fill up my inbox with junk I don’t want to receive.

If you wish to make me read you blog or status updates, just send a trackback or linkback to any of my latest posts, and I will hop in to read. But do not expect me to register there.

Anyway, life’s as usual. Seeya soon!

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