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Broadband in India is really in a very poor state

6 May, 2010 by Sunit Nandi

After a long time struggling with BSNL EVDO, we finally decided to return it. The speed was very low and we got less than 384 kbps, where the max speed could be 2.4 mbps. Also, my dad was unable to use it anywhere outside eastern India. What was the use of paying Rs 800 a month for absolutely no service? BSNL hardly makes any effort to serve its customers.

Just a week back, I was looking at broadband rentals of US, UK and Singapore ISPs. What I found was a person could get 100mbps for just Rs 1200 (singapore $40) a month. Back at India, paying Rs 2000 will only guarantee you an unlimited 4mbps connection. In Guwahati, it is even worse.

Broadband connectivity is very poor in India. Also, none of the ISPs are providing good service and hardly there is any competition. Companies aren’t serious and are always ready to extract hefty sum from people. We guys have no other choice but to accept it.

So it appears that TATA Photon+ may be the next one in the line. Also, dad has a BSNL 3G HSPA mobile connection. But the costs of renting them are very high. I do not know if we will be able to get our personal mobile broadband connection. So for now, I will depend on IIT Guwahati’s LAN. Pretty fast here with each home user getting 24mbps. At dad’s workplace, the maximum is 4Gbps.

So its only wait and watch for now to let the prices fall. Till then enjoy the LAN.

Oh yes, and today is my birthday too!

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