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My school's starting up tomorrow

8 August, 2010 by Sunit Nandi

So finally, my school is going to re-open tomorrow, as our month-long summer holiday is over. Just a matter of few hours, and we all will be able to see our friends again after a long pause. But I am quite worried, because I will be again busy in studies and may not get enough time to spend online. But again I think it doesn’t matter as most of the websites have been properly designed and served.

Right now I have done quite a lot of Mathematics and Physics lessons during these holidays, thanks to the gruelling competition in Brilliant Tutorials. I might drop dead soon when school starts, hehe!

And a good news. BSNL 3G has been launched in our area. Before this launch, we were unable to access 3G even if we had a 3G plan. We only got access in the city area. Now that 3G is in the home as well, I decided to test it. The results were quite unexpected and shocking. Despite good speed and bandwidth, the latency is horrible and the packet rate is very bursty and lossy. gave it a poor rating, i.e, D. Also it passes through a lot of firewalls and accelerators, slowing the system even further. BSNL must realise that the days of GPRS are over and 3G guys do not need accelerators at all. Well, for now I can only say that it is good only for uploading and downloading data, but totally inefficient for real-time applications like TV and video-calling. I just hope that they improve this service and drop prices when private operators join the bandwagon. I am now still sticking to the IIT’s home network.

Well, so something good happened at the end of the day. All’s well, that ends well. And holiday homeworks? I completed that on Monday. So don’t bug me….!

Anyway, see you guys soon.

Have a nice day and enjoy the rest half of the year. Hope you had a nice holiday. 😉

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