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Hell ya! My HTC Tattoo now can access the web!

20 November, 2010 by Sunit Nandi

After lot of figuring out, I finally decided to leave the approach to tunnel over an HTTP proxy. That method was not working as I am not able to approach any working DNS server in our network and the hostnames are resolved through the proxy.
So I took a different approach. I realized that my dad’s HTC HD2 has the WMWifiRouter option. So I can tether any device to it and use BSNL 3G’s amazing network. I started out with this option. Then I came to know that Android does not support Adhoc WiFi networks. I then decided to hack the configuration files. I had no problem as the device was already rooted. I enabled the network that way and then added the network manually.
After that I fired up the router on dad’s phone. My Tattoo happily connected to it and came to see the world wide web. My dream of finally getting it to access the internet was successful and the phone is working great with all Google features like browser, gmail, maps working.
So I was very very happy and decided to post this from my phone. 🙂 Thanks to “WordPress for Android” app. And thanks to this tutorial: which helped me a lot. 😀
My Android life got a fresh start. LOL!

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