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Oh my girl! – Extended edition

14 August, 2013 by Sunit Nandi

This is my own composition, rather a poem written in a non-poetic manner.

So basically, it is a story of two childhood friends, a boy and a girl and how their reality changes with time. This is written from the point-of-view of the boy, with an emphasis on his adoration for the girl, which ultimately turns into love. But it goes unappreciated in the end as the girl falls for a guy who doesn’t care for her and in the process takes her closest friend for granted over and over again.

This story is also represents a phase of my childhood. Hope you guys read and enjoy it:

Oh girl, I first saw you when I was 6, in your “bandages”.
Probably you were suffering from measles.
I was watching you from the window.
We talked. We got to know each other.
We became great friends, playmates.
And it was nice playing kabaddi.
Time flew by, we grew older.
I began to love you.
You were not pretty, had no charms, nothing!
Yet I liked you.
Because you were serene and had the sweetness of mother.
Our friendship grew closer each passing day.
And life seemed to get better.
I realised my love for you was beyond what I could think of.
I always told you about it, but you kept putting it off saying it was just an attraction.
But, I was still happy, just because I was still close to you.
You gave me my first kiss on my 13th birthday.
I thought you loved me back, but then you claimed you were just trying to surprise me.
Never mind, I was still happy being with you.
Then, when I was 15. Something serious happened.
You had a crush on another boy.
He was a good friend of mine.
And was very charming.
You finally fell for him.
You confessed your feelings for him on the first week of November.
But he began to detest you after that.
You discovered that he never liked any girl.
I felt very hurt. Not for me. But for your fate.
For two days, I couldn’t talk to anyone. I felt numb.
But it wore off, after I realised I was going nowhere.
Soon, you persevered to win the heart of that boy.
You asked me for help, I did that with a heavy heart.
But I was happy that at least you could be happy with that guy.
You tried every way. But with no gain and full pain.
You requested me for help.
And I went around knowing his likes and dislikes, his ideas, his thoughts, etc.
Telling his private stuff to you to find a route to his heart.
Bearing the brunt of my classmates and that guy for it all.
It went on… but no success.
You realised that guy was wary of you.
He avoided you in every way.
You went mad.
You started pouring your heart out with SMSes you sent to me every day
I busted my SMS limits. My parents got worried.
But it went on..
Until one day, you decided to fix the problem once and for all.
You told me to ask him if there was a girl he liked.
He told me he hated girls and that they were all sick.
And greedy, and opportunistic, and ready to ruin a boy’s life.
I told this to you.
You confronted him.
A fight happened. You began scolding him for
playing with your emotions.
He said he hated you. He had no business with you.
He complained about me to you.
Said I was a cheat who went on revealing his secrets to everyone he liked.
You said you requested me to do it.
He said he didn’t care. He wanted a justification.
You couldn’t give any. You decided to leave him after all.
However, you went mad again.
You put out all your anger on me.
Said I was responsible for all your problems.
Forbade me from talking to you.
I could not bear it.
My eyes filled up with tears.
I could say anything no more.
I said “Why did u put me in such a situation?”
With folded hands, you said “Please, no more.
Had enough.”
I was broke. I felt sick.
But surprisingly, I wasn’t depressed!
Because I had other stuff to be depressed about.
But please don’t feel bad, girl.
I have learnt how to live in all this madness.
Very soon, I will be back again.
Looking for your serenity.
I know I might be “crying for the moon”
But “I was made for loving you, baby!”
It didn’t end there though.
We ended our differences and became good friends again.
As times passed, we got closer again.
You fell in love with me, and I with you.
Life never seemed more beautiful.
However, that guy you once loved blurted everything out to our parents.
My mom began to hate you.
When she discovered that I still texted you, she forbade me from talking to you.
But that meant nothing to me, we still enjoyed times together.
Then came the school farewell.
We promised to stay in touch for ever.
After that I never really saw you.
Our texts were few and far between.
I joined college.
I had a deep crush on a pretty girl out there.
But then she treated me so harshly, I was her friend no more.
I realised no one else was like what you were to me.
Soon enough, you contacted me.
I was happy to share my thoughts with you every time we chatted.
I was always wishing to see you.
But again came a November.
You said you still had feelings for the guy you loved before.
Said you never actually loved me.
Said the only person you loved in the universe was him.
I knew you did love me, but you loved him more.
I wasn’t really concerned about your feelings for me, as long as you were happy.
Months continued with both of us texting each other.
One day you picked up a fight.
You started to blame my mom for harbouring hatred towards you.
You blamed me for all your misery.
You cursed me claiming that if I wasn’t there, you’d have won him over already.
You blocked me on all networks.
Then sent one of your friends to argue over this.
I was sick of your antics, and I wanted to cry.
After that you never again talked to me.
I waited for your responses, but in vain.
Hesitatingly I accepted you aren’t coming back.
Nothing is ever going to change.
I cried and cried and cried all over.
I am here, still waiting…
Let whatever happen in the end, just hope that we meet again.
I am here alone, with no one as close as you were with me.
Living my life with tears in my eyes.
Still hoping that we meet again.


My belief is that love and affection is a follow-up of friendship. Without kindness and friendliness, you cannot be close to anyone. Unfortunately, almost everyone in the present generation confuses infatuation with love, and continues to chase someone who never actually cares about them. In many cases, the one who actually cares about them all the time is the one getting abused and ignored.
It seems this entire world runs not on understanding one another, but on pleasing one’s own self, which is rather sad.
Teenage has taught me several life lessons, and this is probably one of them.


  1. abhijit dutta says:

    wow, less a poem.more the lyrics of a song , but touching …..looking forward to your new lyrics

  2. Anshul Gupta says:

    Great work mate , really appreciated !

  3. Pranav Suri says:

    I agree with Abhijit. Wonderfully written, someday this could be a topping the charts as a song.

  4. Gaurav Dutta says:

    Start writing songs bro!
    This is amazing and was worth the long read!

  5. Jayanta Sonowal says:

    good one

  6. Kushal Saikia says:

    Got a breathe in every line buddy. Felt very real. 🙂

  7. kuwali kashyap says:

    Wonderfully expressed.. Looking forward to ur nxt wririn 🙂

  8. Kamlesh Das says:

    Nice people are so “common” these days, that one would rather prefer to go out looking for them in the sleeping crowd than look by their side.

  9. iamvishal07 says:

    11 words for the poem :MINDBLOWING

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