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A letter to rafalense and WhatsApp+ team

21 January, 2015 by Sunit Nandi

Dear rafalense and rest of WhatsApp+ team,

Thanks for making such a wonderful mod out of WhatsApp messenger, that I’ve always loved and used. Your app will be missed. I really regret that WhatsApp did send you a cease-and-desist letter. But what matters here is that you guys had the balls to fork something and improve the app despite the legality. People like you are the reason why we power users love even our badly locked-down systems. I won’t really label anyone the bad guy here because its all about business. I do have a 10-year+ WhatsApp subscription (which is now “lifetime”). And I also bought the donation key of your WhatsApp+ mod and I was rocking it.

The point being that is that I still question the legality of forking WhatsApp. WhatsApp Inc doesn’t allow third party messengers on their network by law, the network which itself ironically runs a derivative of the opensource XMPP/Jabber protocol. Your mod really doesn’t cause any harm to WhatsApp Inc’s servers. Instead it brings in features which would take WhatsApp ages to implement on their official client. WhatsApp+ brought more customers to WhatsApp because it ran on devices that have no SIM cards either. I don’t know why but I think WhatsApp Inc is shooting itself in the foot by dismissing third parties when they could just learn a lot from the third party clients.

I suggest you guys make a Telegram client now because it makes more sense, and that they support third party clients. The wonderful themes and tweaks you have would make a wonderful addition to Telegram’s flair.

I am on WhatsApp because majority of the people use it which in turn is because it is marketed well and is easy to use. Otherwise I never liked the idea of a shit walled garden messenger made out of open source technologies. IMO, Telegram, despite the criticism and its flaws, is still a far more beautiful implementation of a mobile messenger than WhatsApp is, and doesn’t derive an existing open technology to make money.

At the end of the day, when people will move over to a better messenger, the old one will be forgotten like Orkut, with the coming of Facebook.

So my dear devs, move on and create something better. You guys are the real MVP.

Lots of love,

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  1. Diego says:

    Hi, exactly my thought, i try telegram but only 10 people using it. I always loved my black and blue theme, i always use whatsapp plus before the ban. Whatsapp programmer are lazy, you can change only the background, this is shit. Thanks Rafa and all the contributors.

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