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  1. Get ready to welcome my upcoming photo gallery

    July 22, 2013 by Sunit Nandi

    As many of you guys already know, I am working on building a self-hosted photo gallery for me and family. The Nandi Family photo gallery is currently being migrated from photoApe to our own server. The reason for this being four fold:

    1. Easier management and arrangement of photos.
    2. Ability to manage copyright issues.
    3. No more dispute and abuse on hosted photographs.
    4. Lesser dependence on Facebook.

    A few galleries still remain to be copied. Hopefully, within this week, I should be able to get it live.

    I will also be showcasing my photography skills in some of the albums. I hope you all will have a wonderful time viewing them.


    I’ll be writing again soon.

  2. First year at college over

    July 20, 2013 by Sunit Nandi


    Time flies swifter then you can imagine. The Techno FAQ website and the forums are finally ready as expected.

    Then came the second semester exams at college, with two months of gruelling theory and practical exams. And as luck would have it, IIT-JEE advanced exams also came in between.

    The college exams went fair. But I fared poorly in JEE advanced. So no IIT for me this year too. Funnily enough, I got NIT Silchar again this year in JEE mains (formerly AIEEE). My parents are in two minds, whether to send me to study there or whether to continue studying in AEC. I personally don’t feel like going, as I am not really interested about wasting another year for nothing.

    Only time will tell what my parents finally decide.

    Coming back to the topic, after exams, there was a one-and-a-half month long vacation. We all went to our hometown in West Bengal to spend time with family and get refreshed. My upcoming post will be about our trip in full detail.

    Today, I renovated my blog with a new theme called Liquorice. Its beautiful. I rearranged the pages and posts of the blog to make it look like a personal diary. From now on, I will be writing on serious topics and life stories and try my best to be a better writer.

    On the techie side: I changed my Linux distro on my tablet PC to Manjaro. I wrote about it too at Techno FAQ blog. The computer is running faster than ever, and management is easier from what I have noticed so far. Soon I’ll be getting my new camcorder and a workstation so that I am able to edit videos properly. The workstation will also be no doubt handy for experiments. I’ve also sent my old laptop (bought in 2001) for dust cleaning, and have plans of reviving it with Crunchbang Linux.

    Life has been like this so far. I’ll be writing my next post very soon.

  3. Everything finally up and running!

    January 27, 2013 by Sunit Nandi

    So, we’ve been away for quite a long time it seems. Truth is that, the entire website terribly inconsistent in uptime. I was busy getting settled in college and 6 months passed that way. Then the 1st semester exams came and got over too. I made many new friends too.

    Coming back to the website, I bought hosting and domains and decided to move everything over. So the migration is now complete.

    The site is now available on

    Techno FAQ is moved to

    Will write again soon. I’m extremely tired after setting everything up.

    Take care buddies. 🙂

  4. Life rolls on, as it always did

    July 26, 2012 by Sunit Nandi

    So finally the boards result and results of various competitive exams were out. I got opportunities to study in three places, namely, NIT Silchar, Assam Engineering College in Guwahati and Institute of Engineering and Management in Kolkata.

    For a while dad was confused about what to do as I did not have my permanent resident certificate for Assam state. Then rounds for WBJEE got stuck. That meant I was forced to leave for NITS.

    On the final few days before Assam CEE counselling, dad managed to get my PRC. So getting admission in AEC was a moonwalk cakewalk. 😀

    Then choices remained were NITS and IEM. Mom was really fixed on her decision to put me in an NIT. So IEM was dumped and we all went to Silchar.

    On reaching NIT Silchar, we had a long discussion and debate on whether to join or not. Finally, it did come to light that if I stayed there, I wouldn’t be able to study for the upcoming JEEs. Add to that, 3 students in each hostel room and travel facilities to Silchar are extremely limited. Getting airline seats is a lottery. And road and rail transport can be erratic because of landslides.

    Putting all those into consideration, I decided to abandon Silchar. I’m back in Guwahati. Classes in AEC will be starting on 4 November. Also, I’m continuing my IIT JEE coaching at Concept Educations, Maligaon, Guwahati.

    So its like that.

    Apart from that, me and a couple of my friends are working on the Techno FAQ blog. It will soon be released at . We are working on the theme and Facebook integration and hope to be fully functional soon along with the page and the group. The great news is that the Facebook group is reaching 4000 members soon, and time for celebration is not far away. You can speed it up by joining here.

    So far so good.

    Will write again soon after some major events. 😛

  5. Which SD card is better?

    June 9, 2012 by Sunit Nandi

    This is intended to be a reply to this post by Rohit Palit at Smartphone Geeks, in which he reviewed Samsung 16GB class 10 SD card.

    Here are the speed test results of my 32GB class 4 SanDisk SD card.



    They say pictures say a 1000 words.
    I’ll leave it to you to understand.

    BTW, the Max transfer rates for SanDisk cards are: write = 15 MB/sec and read = 30 MB/sec according to manufacturer specifications.

    And according to the card’s packaging, the card is water proof, shock proof and magnetic/electric field proof. 😀

    So, what do you feel? You may leave a comment below.


  6. Fanboyism at its epic stupidity

    June 4, 2012 by Sunit Nandi

    While going through this post on Nokia Power User, I realised it was very biased towards Symbian and the one who wrote it seemed like he never used an Android device. Its clearly evident he’s a fanboy who wishes to live under a rock and not the least know anything outside his little world.

    #1 Better Widgets: LOL where? Symbian Belle has better Widgets than Android? Man, free form widget functionality was copied from Android and put into Belle. Belle Widgets take lesser space? C’mon despite you have free form Widgets, most app developers provide only one 2×1 widget. Android apps on the other hand have 1×1, 2×1, 2×2…. till 5×5 widget sizes, so its pretty clear why 4×2 is default: best readability.
    Talking about scrolling Widgets? Many apps on Android have scrolling ability in widgets, especially FriendCaster. Also devices running HTC Sense or Sony Timescape UI have stock Widgets for SMS, Contacts, Calendar, Facebook and Twitter, that allows you to scroll, swipe and even post a message from the widget itself. SO ITS CLEAR THAT THIS GUY HASN’T EVEN TESTED ANDROID WIDGET FUNCTIONALITY.

    #2 Dolby Digital Plus: The author says this audio enhancement is specific to Nokia. But devices like HTC Sensation and Sensation XE also possess it along with Beats Audio. And other devices that run CyanogenMod have the famous DSPManager. SO THE POINT THAT NOKIAS HAVE BETTER AUDIO QUALITY IS AGAIN MOOT.

    #3 Power consumption and processing: Android reportedly consumes more power to run. This is true. But Symbian Belle does lag while running certain apps. Plus, Symbian lacks most true push features and always-on services, which says that no processes = no power consumed. Add to that Nokia has forced it to stay backward rather than letting it evolve.
    Take my HTC Tattoo as an example. It runs Android 2.3.7 as smooth as butter.

    #4 RAM usage: Probably the author who wrote that article never read or understood Android memory management. Android only terminates or freezes those apps that are not worth running. Take an example, if you run a download, Gtalk active, torrent running, music playing etc and you launch a HD game, then they won’t get interrupted. On the other hand, if you pause a HD game and do some other work, the game is frozen and taken off the memory as it is a big memory hog keeping it active. One can later launch it and the app resumes from the frozen state. That way multitasking is intelligent and in most cases Android doesn’t need an app killer. Also when more memory is free, Android caches the most used services in memory for better performance. So its interesting to note that the amount of free RAM necessarily does not determine the health of the system. Compare this to Windows Phone and iOS, where only the OS core apps are allowed to run in background.

    Other areas where Symbian fails miserably but fanboys don’t accept it:

    #1 Improper Push services: Symbian lacks most of cloud integration and true push mail and notifications. Nokia Mail is extremely horrid and slow in receiving or sending mails. Android on the other hand always has a push channel to Google open (C2DM) to receive push notifications without having to sync continuously. Probably that very much explains the reason why Symbian battery life is usually better. If you set up Nokia mail to sync every minute and keep data connection enabled on your Symbian phone, it’ll run out of power faster than an Android device (<8 hours). #2 Fail Nokia store: Nokia/Symbian fanboys praise the Nokia store like anything. It is bug free, malware free, good quality apps, blah blah.. Probably they never saw Play Store or explored it ever. Android apps offer far more functionality than Symbian apps and more of them are free as well. The best quality apps usually get very good ratings and appear on the homescreen or the featured page. Plus, different developers developing similar apps give a very good choice to the end user. It improves healthy competition and encourages making of better and better apps with faster updates. Compare this to the Nokia store where Nokia keeps bossing the devs around with their petty policies like having a long processing time before release. Funnily, silly apps like promotional ADs, mobile versions of websites appear in the home or featured section while the gems usually stay deep hidden. As if that isn't enough, an RSS reader for only a single website costs $2. EPIC! 😀 I won't even pay for that. #3 Shitty web browser: Must say the Symbian web browser is a total shit in front of the Android browser. It always runs out of memory while loading desktop websites. Plus the HTML5 support is so horrid that the browser lags in loading Even a 528 MHz Android device (like my HTC Tattoo) loads desktop websites like a boss while my 680 MHz Symbian (Nokia C7) has a tough time coping with desktop websites. 'Nuff said. I won't continue further as I might be branded an Android fanboy (which isn't what I am). I love Symbian MORE than Android. But I'm very disheartened to see some websites spreading misinformation to people. What I wanna suggest is: Don't go by what everyone says. Choose the device that you feel happy with. Happiness is everything. At this stage, do not make the mistake of buying a Symbian device as already near End of Life. Finally before I go, here's a thing I want to say: If Symbian is so great, then why is Samsung mobile the best selling brand now? And what platform makes them so popular? Think over it. This post is intended to be a message to all the Nokia fanboys out there. Better learn before you bark nonsense. Thank you.


  7. Finally I’m 18

    May 6, 2012 by Sunit Nandi

    So, my birthday comes this time in 2012. And finally I turn 18. How time flies, sigh.

    Nothing much in store today though. Plan to have a get together with family and friends tomorrow.

    HTC HD2 crashed after experience because of the slow Class 2 card. I’ll need a faster SD card soon.

    So, currently installed CyanogenMod 9. Plan to use it in failsafe for a few days.

    Will write again soon.

  8. Diwali 2011

    November 6, 2011 by Sunit Nandi

    So finally Diwali came and went. It wasn’t a very significant one but I still enjoyed it. Here are some pics I like to share. Well, something my dad did really interesting was he made an N-shape out of the sparklers, signifying the Nandi Family. And to top it all, we saw few Kali Puja pandals.

    So what did you do this Diwali?

    My XII boards are approaching, so I will be spending less time online. I will be going full steam with studies soon.

    Right now I am upgrading to Ubuntu to 11.10. Lets see what new changes have come. Just 20 mins left.

    Anyway, will write again soon.

  9. School starts again

    August 15, 2011 by Sunit Nandi

    Now our school starts again. Back to activities and studies again. Boards are coming up in March, so studies are on in full swing.

    Life isn’t that good now. One cellphone is sent for repair and the other confiscated. Waiting for both of them to return. 🙁

    I just pray everything turns out fine. Will write again soon. 😀

  10. Class XII goes on as usual

    May 16, 2011 by Sunit Nandi

    So Class XII seems to go like usual. We are having tests every Monday on a different subject every week. Also, we are having practicals on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Coincidentally, I am having weekly tests on Mondays at Brilliant Tutorials too, which means Monday is a busy day.

    Hope these 6 months end soon. Its kind of sick schedule.

    Also getting time for the web is a tough job. Video encoding is also tough as encodes take a long time and I don’t get to keep my computer on all day.

    Lets see what happens.