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  1. Where is the problem?

    September 18, 2014 by Sunit Nandi

    Picture this.

    You’re a 20 year old guy. One unfine day, you head into a really serious problem facing which will drastically change the course of your life depending on the decision you take. You call up your parents for a solution but they are perplexed too because they see things exactly in the same perspective as you and they don’t know any better either.

    Fine then, you decide to contact your social circle instead. You try to get in touch with the person you adore the most (bestfriend or partner), but then you realise what sort of a nervous emotional wreck he/she is. That person has a nature of getting into the weirdest of weird mood swings and does things that do nothing apart from worrying you. He/she probably has switched off the phone and might have buried himself/herself in the corner. You fail to get in touch. Then you try looking up the rest of your besties. Friend A is away in another nation and lost contact with you. Friend B has doesn’t like to talk to you anymore because of your differences. Friend C is pretty busy with his/her own activities and probably doesn’t have time to look back at you anymore. And have no idea what happened to Friend D. Still no solution.

    Your next step is to definitely ask other people around you about it. However, your problem is so critical that its better not giving away details about it to anyone. Who knows, some opportunistic person/adversary might use your situational weakness for his/her own benefit.

    Realising you have no option left, you ultimately try to ask questions anonymously on Internet discussion boards like Reddit, 4chan or Quora. In comes a stream of people reading and replying to the post. Some appreciating you, some condemning you, some pitying you, some posting irrelevant photo comments, some sharing your posts on their social networks and some making jokes and memes out of it and the rest bashing one another and proving their might but there isn’t even a definitive answer that you seek.

    You sit down, frustrated, wondering what happened to the world. You feel lonely like you’ve never felt. You realise how much everything changed in the last few years.

    One thing you never understand. Where is the problem?

    People be like, its 2014. Why even bother? And then rain statements on you like generation gap and equivalent shit.

  2. Exams coming! Tensions increasing!

    February 15, 2009 by Sunit Nandi

    Hello everyone,

    My exams are nearing date, will be starting on 5th of March 2009. I am feeling intensely tensed and wondering how will I perform.

    Other than that, I have enjoyed Acheringa ’09 as Sonu Niigam gave a rocking live concert. I will post the videos after my exams.

    Also, I have faced a lot of problems. A virus damaged my Windows OS on my computer and am currently fixing it. Right now, I am posting from my dad’s computer.

    Also, the Nandi Family main website is undergoing upgrades and I hope to get it done as soon as my exams end.

    I have also installed PuppyLinux on my computer which I shall be using until Windows is fixed. After that I will be installing it in a separate partition. This Linux distribution is only 95 MB in size, yet comes with a ton of cool features.

    Now I have to leave for studies. Will write later. Cya!