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An awesome Ashtami

12 October, 2013 by Sunit Nandi

Today afternoon, we went out again for pandal hopping. This time, there were no friends to accompany me. So it became a homely family affair with just me and my parents.

First we went to Latashil Playground to see the grandly done Durga Puja mandap. After that we headed to Silphukuri, and moved on to Uzan Bazaar, Zoo Road, Dispur and finally Ganeshguri, seeing lots of pandals on the way

At this moment, I met Jyotisman and Vishal (my college buddies) on a bike. We had a chat and I came to know they were headed toward Maligaon and Pandu.


After that, we went to Fatashil Ambari. After seeing a couple more pandals, we realised it was getting late, and decided to call it a day.

Hopefully, tomorrow on Navami, I’ll get to see the remaining pandals so that our pandal-hopping is complete.

Some glimpses:

IMG_20131012_155126 IMG_20131012_160920 IMG_20131012_161805 IMG_20131012_165917 IMG_20131012_172656 IMG_20131012_173809 IMG_20131012_174424 IMG_20131012_182235

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