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Navami and Dashami

15 October, 2013 by Sunit Nandi

On Navami, we did manage to see the rest of the pandals we were aiming to see. Leaving home at 3 PM, we first toured Pandu port area, followed by Athgaon, Bharalumukh and finally Maligaon.

It didn’t just end there, as we missed seeing the local pujas. So after we returned we saw the pandals at Amingaon and North Guwahati (College Nagar and Doul Gobindo temple area). Reaching home at around 11 PM, it was pretty much of a hectic day.

Some glimpses:






Dashami wasn’t a very interesting day. I felt dizzy all the time, so I spent the entire daytime in deep sleep. Waking up in the evening, I wasn’t really inclined to sit in front of the computer and upload pics. But yeah, I will do it soon. I managed to catch a cold, and this headache is not helping me.

Still I hope earnestly, so that I feel a little better so that I can sort out the pics and upload them.

Everyone, please stay tuned, while I catch up with stuff.

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